Dragon Legend, Toronto

Dragon Legend Selfie

Our family watched tons of Toronto foodie videos before our vacation. Dragon Legend was the hands-down most requested restaurant to visit!

Dragon Legend Entrance

We visited for the Tuesday lunch special. We knew we had picked a good restaurant, when we arrived at a packed parking lot at 11:30 am! There was a fast-moving line of patrons wrapped around the building. Most appeared to be Asian, so we thought that was a great sign!

Dragon Legend is a very affordable buffet sushi restaurant. The food and service were incredible! Our favorite food sections were the sushi stations, and the awesome noodle-making robot!

Dragon Legend Noodle Robot

Even the bathrooms were incredible!

Dragon Legend Bathroom
Dragon Legend Bathroom

As I mentioned, we went for the Tuesday lunch special. It is an incredible value! 107.33 (USD), with 18% tip for the five of us to eat there. Please note: they do not allow credit card payment for this special. You must pay with cash or debit card. I used my US bank debit card with no problem.

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