Harrisburg, PA Whitaker Center- A fun trip for an older couple without kids! Should you go too?

Whitaker Center, Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Arrival, Parking, and Tickets

After we arrived home from Toronto, We took a short trip to Harrisburg, Pa to visit the Whitaker Center! We visited on a Sunday morning, so our street parking was free! Harrisburg is usually pretty quiet on Sundays, so it’s a great time to visit!

We wore our red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July! Dale also wore his Roots shirt to pay respect to Canada Day, July 1. We were really looking forward to having some fun together!

Our tickets were FREE, which can’t be beat! We have over 1,000 free museum memberships as a result of just joining one museum! If you aren’t aware of museum reciprocity, you should check it out! If you aren’t interested in joining a museum, our tickets would have been $15 each.

Inside the Whitaker Center

First, there are three main areas available without any additional purchase. Dale and I headed down the staircase to the Science Center. He and I had a blast practicing stop gap animation, learning about sound waves, flying paper airplanes, and walking inside of a tornado.

Next, we headed to the Gloria M. Olewine Gallery to see the dinosaur exhibit. We had fun there as well, but it was a temporary exhibit and felt like one.

On our way out, we headed upstairs to the children’s play area. There were so many gun, interactive games there! Our favorite on was Icky the Infectious Clown, It was like a two-player whack-a-mole battle, but you killed germs instead of moles.

Dale beat me, as always.

Would we return?

We recommend the Whitaker Center for an hour of two of fun and learning. Not our typical day date, but we had a blast and can’t wait to return!

We are working on a YouTube video of our visit which shows more of the exhibits! I will link it here when it is completed.

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